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Christian Schmitt

PhD Student

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Brief Curriculum Vitae
01/20 – 03/20 Visiting researcher at the University of Toronto (UofT), in the group of A/Prof Ruby Sullan
since 02/18 PhD studies under supervision of Prof. Leonie Barner and Prof. Christopher Barner-Kowollik at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) , Brisbane, Australia
04/17 – 01/18 Scientific coworker under supervision of Prof. Barner-Kowollik, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
10/16 – 02/17 Advanced lab course under the supervision of Prof. Michael Monteiro, University of Queensland (UQ), Australia and Prof. Barner-Kowollik
03/16 – 09/16 Complementary scientist (HiWi) in the group of Prof Barner-Kowollik, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany
04/15 – 07/15 Bachelor thesis “IR-active Polymers for Photo Functionalization and IR imaging of DLW structures” under supervision of Prof Barner-Kowollik, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany
10/12 – 01/18 Studies of pure chemistry, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany
07/12 Secondary school examination (Abitur) Max-Planck-Gymnasium Rüppurr, Germany

Research Interests and Opportunities
  • Polymer particle synthesis and characterization
  • Degradable materials
  • Chemiluminescent materials
  • Photochemical ligation systems
  • Self-reporting systems
  • Antibacterial polymeric materials
  • Biocompatible materials
  • RAFT polymerization
  • Column materials for Size Exclusion Chromatography

[01] Tailoring the Surface Morphology of Polymer Microspheres,
C. W. Schmitt, K. Mundsinger, M. Susewind, T. Hofe, C. Barner-Kowollik, L. Barner, 37th Australasian Polymer Symposium, 2019.

[667] The Bright and the Dark Side of the Sphere: Light-Stabilized Microparticles

Schmitt, C. W.; Walden, S. L.; Delafresnaye, L.; Houck, H. A.; Barner, L.; Barner-Kowollik, C. 2020, submitted.

[640] Chemiluminescent Read-Out of Degradable Fluorescent Polymer Particles

Delafresnaye, L.; Hooker, J. P.; Schmitt, C. W.; Barner, L.; Barner-Kowollik, C. Macromolecules 2020, 53, 5826-5832.

[618] All Eyes on Visible Light Peroxyoxalate Chemiluminescence Read-Out Systems

Delafresnaye, L.; Bloesser, F. R.; Kockler, K. B.; Schmitt, C. W.; Irshadeen, I. M.; Barner-Kowollik, C. Chem. Eur. J. 2020, 26, 114-127.

[577] A Guanidine-Based Superbase as Efficient Chemiluminescence Booster

Geiselhart, C. M.; Schmitt, C. W.; Joeckle, P.; Mutlu, H.; Barner-Kowollik, C.Sci. Rep. 2019, 9, 14519.

[598] A Photochemical Ligation System Enabling Solid-phase Chemiluminescence Read Out

Delafresnaye, L.; Schmitt, C. W.; Barner, L.; Barner-Kowollik, C. Chem. Eur. J. 2019, 25, 12538-12544.

[563] Polyselenoureas via Multicomponent Polymerizations using Elemental Selenium as Monomer

Tuten, B. T.; Bloesser, F. R.; Marshall, D. L.; Michalek, L.; Schmitt, C. W.; Blanksby, S. J.; Barner-Kowollik, C. ACS Macro Lett. 2018, 7, 898-903.

[520] Spin Fluorescence Silencing Enables an Efficient Thermally Driven Self-Reporting Polymer Release System

Mutlu, H.; Schmitt, C. W.; Wedler-Jasinski, N.; Woehlk, H.; Fairfull-Smith, K. E.; Blinco, J. P.; Barner-Kowollik, C. Polym. Chem. 2017, 8, 6199-6203.


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