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Dr. Ruhamah Yunis

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Brief Curriculum Vitae
since 04/20 Research Fellow (Centre for Materials Science) under supervision of Prof. Christopher Bamer-Kowollik, Prof. Dmitri Golberg and Dr. Anja Goldmann at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane
04/15 – 02/20 Postdoctoral Researcher under the supervision of Prof. Maria Forsyth, Prof. Douglas MacFarlane, Prof. Jennifer M. Pringle and Prof. Patrick Howlett at Deakin and Monash University, Melbourne
11/10 – 02/15 PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry under the supervision of A/Prof. Owen Curnow. Department of Chemistry, Christchurch, New Zealand
09/09 – 10/10 Lecturer in Chemistry at Forman Christian College Lahore, Pakistan
12/08 – 08/09 Lecturer in Chemistry at University of Gujrat, Gujrat, Pakistan
03/07 – 02/09 Master of Chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Javed Iqbal (Late). Department of Chemistry, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan
01/03 – 02/07 Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

ECR travel award for an international conference
REGS-Deakin grant for a year
REGS-Deakin grant for a year
Poster award at a conference in Sydney (out of 200 total posters)
Doctoral Scholarship for 3 years
[10] 9th Annual Chemical Engineering Postgraduate Association (CPA)

Sept 2019, Monash University, Clayton, Melbourne, Australia, Attended the conference

[09] ChemComm. Symposium

April 2019, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia, oral presentation (15 minutes)

[08] 12th ACES Electromaterials Symposium

Feb 201, Geelong, Australia, poster presentation

[07] Gordon Research Conference (GRC) Ionic Liquid

Aug 2018, Newry, US, poster presentation

[06] Australasian Symposium on Ionic Liquids (ASIL8)

May 2018, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia, oral presentation (10 minutes) and a poster presentation

[05] Sodium Battery Meeting

Dec 2016, Deakin University, Geelong, Australia, Attended

[04] Australasian Symposium on Ionic Liquids (ASIL7)

May 2016, Newcastle, Australia, poster presentation

[03] 9th ACES Electromaterials Symposium

Aug 2015, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia, Gave a poster Presentation

[02] Tokyo University of Japan

Jan 2015, Tokyo, Japan, invited Lecture (1 hour)

[01] 4th Asia-Pacific Conference on Ionic Liquids and Green Processes / 6th Australasian Symposium on Ionic Liquids (APCIL-4/ASIL-6 2014)

Sept 2014, Sydney, Australia, poster Presentation ( poster award out of 200 candidates)

[681] Wavelength Selective Light-Matter Interactions in Polymer Science

Lu, P.; Ahn, D.; Yunis. R.; Delafresnaye, L.; Corrigan. N.; Boyer, C.; Barner-Kowollik, C.; Page, Z. A. 2021, submitted. 

[29] Plastic Crystal Utilizing small ammonium cations and sulfonylimide anions as electrolytes for lithium batteries
Yunis, R.; Al-Masri, D.; HollenKamp, F. A.; Forsyth, C.; Doherty, M. C.; Zhu, H.; Pringle, M. J. JES, 167(7), 070529-070541, 2020.
[28] A novel proton conducting iongel electrolyte based on poly(ionic liquids) and protic ionic liquid
Rao, J., Wang, X., Yunis, R., Ranganathan, V., Howlett, C. P., MacFarlane, R. D., Forsyth, M., Zhu, H. Electrochimica Acta, 2020, in press.
[27] Multifunctional Inhibitor Mixtures for Abating Corrosion on HY80 Steel under Marine Environment
Catubig, R. A., Neil, W. C., McAdam, G., Yunis, R., Forsyth, M., Somers A. E. Journal of Electrochemical Society, 167(2), 021503, 2020.
[26] A new approach to very high lithium salt content quasi-solid state electrolytes for lithium metal batteries using plastic crystals
Al-Masri, D.; Yunis, R.; Zhu, H.; Bruce, P.; Hollenkamp, P.; Pringle, J. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 7 (44), 25389-25398, 2019
[25] Corrosion inhibition of mild steel in an aqueous chloride solution
M. Ghorbani, A. Somers, R. Yunis, M. Forsyth, Corrosion & Prevention, 2019, accepted.
[24] Corrosion inhibition of mild steel 1030 with cetrimonium 4-hydroxycinnamte
J. Puelles, M. Ghorbani, R. Yunis, M. Forsyth, A. E. Somers, Corrosion & Prevention 2019, accepted.
[23] Poly(ionic liquid)/electrospun nanofibre composite polymer electrolytes for high energy density, all-solid-state Li metal batteries
Wang, X.; Gaetan, G.; Zhu, H.; Yunis, R.; MacFarlane, R. D.; Mecerreyes, D.; Bhattacharyya, A.; Howlett, P. C.; Forsyth, M. ACS Applied Energy Materials, 2(9), 6237-6245, 2019.
[22] Triaminocyclopropenium Halide and Triiodide Salts: The Formation of Cyclopropenium Dimers
Curnow, J. O.; Jayasinghe, D. C.; Polson, I. J. M.; Yunis, R. Journal of Chemical Crystallography,1-16, 2019.
[21] Sustainable, Dendrite Free Lithium‐Metal Electrode Cycling Achieved with Polymer Composite Electrolytes Based on a Poly (Ionic Liquid) Host
Gaetan MA Girard, Xiaoen Wang, Ruhamah Yunis, Douglas R MacFarlane, Aninda J Bhattacharyya, Maria Forsyth, Patrick C Howlett; Batteries & Supercaps, 2(3), 229-239, 2019.
[20] Organic salts utilising the hexamethylguanidinium cation: the influence of the anion on the structural, physical and thermal properties
Yunis, R.; Hollenkamp, F. A.; Frosyth, C.; Doherty, M. C.; Al-Masri, D.; Pringle, M. J. PCCP, 21(23), 12288-12300, 2019.
[19] Sustainable, dendrite free lithium metal electrode cycling achieved with polymer composite electrolytes based on a poly(ionic liquid) host
Girard, G.; Wang, X.; Yunis, R.; MacFarlane, D.; Bhattacharyya, A.; Howlett, P.; Forsyth, M. Batteries & Supercaps, 2(3), 229-239, 2019.
[18] The anion effect in ternary electrolyte systems using poly (diallyldimethylammonium) and phosphonium-based ionic liquid with high lithium salt concentration
Yunis, R.; Girard, G.; Wang, X.; Zhuo, H.; Bhattacharyya, A.; Howlett, P.; MacFarlane, P.; Forsyth, M. Solid State Ionics, 327, 83-92, 2018.
[17] Synthesis and physical properties of tris(dialkylamino)cyclopropenium dicyanamide ionic liquids
Curnow, J. C.; Polson, J. M.; Walst, J. K.; Yunis, R. RSC Adv., 8, 28313-28322, 2018.
[16] Efficient and Stable Solid State Dye Sensitized Solar Cells by Combination of Phosphonium Organic Ionic Plastic Crystals with Silica
Lennert, A.; Wagner, K.; Yunis, R.; Pringle, J.; Guldi, D.; Officer, D. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 10, 38, 32271-32280, 2018.
[15] High conductivity ionic electrolytes using a symmetrical pyrrolidinium cation
Yunis, R.; Newbegin, T.; Pringle, J. Materials Chemistry Frontiers, 2, 1207-1214 2018.
[14] A symmetrical ionic liquid/Li salt system for rapid ion transport and stable lithium electrochemistry
Al-Masri, D.; Yunis, R.; Hollenlkamp, F. A.; Pringle, M. J. Chem.Commun., 54(29), 3660-3663, 2018,
[13] Beneficial effect of added water on sodium metal cycling in super concentrated ionic liquid sodium electrolytes
Basile, A.; Ferdousi, A. S,; Makhlooghiazad, F.; Yunis, R.; Hilder, M.; Forsyth, M.; Howlett, C. P. Journal of Power Sources, 379, 344-349, 2018.
[12] Probing Ionic Liquid Electrolyte Structure via the Glassy State by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization NMR Spectroscopy
Sani, M-A.; Martin, P-A.; Yunis, R.; Chen, F.; Forsyth, M.; Deschamps, M.; O’Dell, A. L. J. Phys. Chem. 9, 1007-1011, 2018.
[11] The influence of the size and symmetry of cations and anions on the physicochemical behavior of organic ionic plastic crystal electrolytes mixed with sodium salts
Maklooghiazad, F.; Guazzagaloppa, J.; O’Dell, L.; Yunis, R.; Howlett, C. P.; Forsyth, M. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 20, 4721, 2018.


[10] Corrosion inhibition of HY80 with La(trans4OHCin)3 & Imidazolinium-trans-4OHCin
Catubig, A. R.; Somers, E. A.; Neil, C. W.; Adam, Mc. G.; Yunis, R, Forsyth, M. Corrosion & Prevention 2017 Paper 63.
[09] Preparation and characterization of gel polymer electrolytes using poly(ionic liquids) and high lithium salt concentration ionic liquids
Wang, X.; Zhu, H.; Girard, M. A. G.; Yunis, R.; MacFarlane, D.; Mecerreyes, D.; Howlett,, P.; Forsyth, M. J. Mater. Chem. A, 5, 23844-23852, 2017.
[08] Comparison of the physicochemical and electrochemical behaviour of mixed anion phosphonium based OIPCs electrolytes for sodium batteries
Makhlooghiazad, F.; Yunis, R.; Mecerreyes, D.; Armand, M.; Howlett, C. P.; Forsyth, M. Solid State Ionics, 312, 44-52, 2017.
[07] The electrochemistry and performance of cobalt-based redox couples for thermoelectrochemical cells
Al-Masri, D.; Dupont, M.; Yunis, R.; MacFarlane, D.; Pringle, M. J. Electrochimia Acta, 714-732, 2017.
[06] Extensive Sodium Metal Plating and Stripping in a Highly Concentrated Inorganic−Organic Ionic Liquid Electrolyte through Surface Pretreatment
Basile, A., Makhlooghiazad, F., Yunis, R., MacFarlane, D. R., Forsyth, M., & Howlett, P. C. ChemElectroChem, 4(5), 974-974, 2017.
[05] Towards phosphorus free ionic liquid anti-wear lubricant additives
Somers, A. E., Yunis, R., Armand, M. B., Pringle, J. M., MacFarlane, D. R., & Forsyth, M. Lubricants, 4(2), 22, 2016.
[04] Synthesis, characterization and properties of amino acid ionic liquids derived from the triaminocyclopropenium cation
Curnow, Owen J., and Ruhamah Yunis RSC Advances 6(74), 70152-70164, 2016.
[03] Synthesis and physical properties of tris (dialkylamino) cyclopropenium bistriflamide ionic liquids
Walst, K. J., Yunis, R., Bayley, P. M., MacFarlane, D. R., Ward, C. J., Wang, R., & Curnow, O. J.RSC Advances, 5(49), 39565-39579, 2015.
[02] A facile route to functionalised, protic and chiral ionic liquids based on the triaminocyclopropenium cation
Curnow, O. J., Holmes, M. T., Ratten, L. C., Walst, K. J., & Yunis, R. RSC Advances, 2(29), 10794-10797, 2012.
[01] Adsorption Studies of Flourescein on Roots, Stem and Leaves of Phoenix dactylifera
Yunis, R., Imran, M., Mitu, L., & Kanwal, F. Asian Journal of Chemistry, 23(1), 345, 2011.


Today we attended Ishrath’s confirmation talk on « Controlled folding of Single-Chain Nanoparticles ». Great work Ishrath! @BarnerKowollik @QUTSciEng @QUTmaterials

Our brand new triple detection SEC systems at our @KITKarlsruhe node were installed this week by PSS. DMAc and THF soluble polymers, we have your absolute molecular weights nailed thanks to our Cluster @Cluster3DMM2O and @dfg_public

Thanks Jordi @UABBarcelona for this great collaboration and Marc for your excellent work during your research stay @QUT pre-Covid in collaboration with Sandra and Florian @QUTSciEng! Well done! @QUTmaterials 👨‍🔬