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Yasaman Mohammadpourderakhshi

Master Student

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Brief Curriculum Vitae
Since 2023 Master of Philosophy (MPhil), working on self-shaping glasses under the supervision of Dr. Mohammad Mirkhalaf Valashani and Professor Christopher Barner-Kowollik, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia
02/2023 – 05/2023 Master of Engineering Management & Project Management, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia
02/2018 – 02/2023 Civil Engineer at Iran Khodro, Sapco company (Sapco Qeshm), Tehran, Iran
09/2016 – 12/2018 FIATA Diploma
10/2015 – 02/2018 Responsible engineer and supervisor at Soraat Tarabar Iranian, International Transportation Company, Tehran, Iran
09/2015 – 09/2018 M.Sc. in Civil Engineering – Environmental Engineering, College of Environment, Karaj, Iran (Thesis title: Simulation for Representation of Different Design Based on Attached Growth Biological Processes for a Refinery Wastewater Treatment Plant, supervised by Prof. Jafarinejad)
06/2014 – 10/2015 Civil Engineer at Tarahan Ertebatat Namvar (TEN) Company, Tehran, Iran
09/2010 – 08/2014 B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, Urmia University/Tabriz University, Iran


03/2023 “A review of design studies related to different right turn movement scenarios at red time in lighted level intersections“, P. Hayati. Y. Mohammadpourderakhshi, A. Sagha, A. Farahbakhsh, The 19th International Conference on Transportation and Traffic Engineering, Iran
04/2020 “Technical and economical examination of activated sludge plus aerated lagoon at industrial refineries”, Mohammadpourderakhshi, Y., Sahihi, Conference, Italy
03/2020 “Decrease of Costs in Demourage with Internal Transit”, Mohammadpour Derakhshi, Y., Sahihi, A., Mellatshahi M., 7th International Logistics conference, Conference, Iran


Application of Copper Oxide-Based Catalysts in Advanced Oxidation Processes

Maklavany, D.M., Rouzitalab, Z., Jafarinejad, S., Mohammadpourderakhshi, Y. and Rashidi, A. (2021). Application of Copper Oxide-Based Catalysts in Advanced Oxidation Processes. In Applied Water Science (eds Inamuddin, M.I. Ahamed, R. Boddula and T.A. Rangreez).


Beneficial role of carbon black on the properties of TiC ceramics

V.-H. Nguyena, Y. Pazhouhanfar, S. A. Delbari, S. Shaddele , A. Babapoorf, Y. Mohammadpourderakhshi, Q. Van Le, M. Shokouhimehr, M. S. Asl, A. S. Namini, Ceramics International 2020, 46, 23544-23555.


Physical, mechanical and microstructural characterization of TiC–ZrN ceramics

T. P. Nguyen, Y. Pazhouhanfar, S. A. Delbari, A. S. Namini, A. Babapoorg, Y. Mohammadpourderakhshi, S. Shaddeli , Q. Van Le, M. Shokouhimehr, M. S. Asl, Ceramics International 2020, 46, 22154-22163.


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