The 38th Australasian Polymer Symposium was on in Auckland, a long standing and respected conference showcasing the best of polymer science in our region and beyond.

Thank you to the current organizing committee for all their work in putting together a fantastic program.

We are very proud that our team was represented so strongly at this year’s edition once again. Our team was represented with a total of eight lectures by: Hiruni Dedduwakumara, Sebastian Gillhuber, Joshua Holloway, Jochen Kammerer, Patrick Maag, Kai Mundsinger, Linh Duy Thai, and finally Laura Delafresnaye’s last presentation as a member of our team.

A heartfelt thank you to Laura as she is moving on to new adventures after having ruled the lab with an iron fist and enabled the team’s performance for the past seven years.

Also, Macroarc team members Leonie Barner, James Blinco, Nathan Boase, Hendrik Frisch, and Bryan Tuten gave exciting presentations on their ongoing research.


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