The Macroarc Team


Our country needs leaders that respect scientific data and are trained in interpreting it, ideally being scientists. Angela Merkel is a shining example of thoughtful and considered leadership. Thank you for your service to my other home, Germany.

In a team with @Per_Zetterlund @UNSW, we introduce an avenue to multisegmented polymers by combining miniemulsion and RAFT polymerization @PolymChem Excellent work by post-doctoral fellows @guimaraes_tr and Laura Delafresnaye @QUT @QUTmaterials

Understanding the formation processes of complex network materials just out in @NatureMaterials in a three way collaboration between @ResearchUGent @Stanford and @QUT @QUTmaterials Amazing work by first author Lies de Keer and @QUT author Daniel Kodura.